IPR Exchange in India

India may get its own IP (Intellectual Property) Exchange that the likes of Hong Kong and UK already have, where individuals and companies, in India and overseas, will be able to buy and sell IPR across various sectors like a stock market. India witnessed around 30% increase in the filing of IP applications compared to previous years.
The exchange will be developed by the National Research Development Corporation (NRDC). The idea of setting up an IPR exchange was proposed earlier this year and will give India a greater potential for commercialization.
Intellectual property is the product of imagination, creativity and inventiveness and comprises inventions, designs, brands and artistic works. IPR, intellectual property rights, allow a person or company to have exclusive rights to use their own plans, ideas, or other intangible assets exclusively, at least for a specific period of time. These rights include copyright, patents and trademarks.

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Acquiring Talent in Content Creation

Netflix and Amazon Prime, content streaming platforms, are competing furiously to get the best content online. Recently, Amazon Prime has started advertising and marketing new content in India using some major Bollywood stars and producers. These 2 players are trying to acquire all the major talent in Bollywood and Indian TV and content creation. Amazon and Netflix will soon become the major content producers in the Indian market.

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User Engagement via Personal App: World Without Websites

It was reported recently that Indian Cricketer, Ravindra Jadeja has launched his own personal app - see Your Personal App
Also renowned Mumbai Advocate and Author, Vandana Shah has also launched her own app at
It is a growing trend for celebrities and professionals to turn to apps rather than websites to interact and engage with people. This form of user engagement has its advantages. A mobile first strategy is useful in India where most new internet users are via mobile and mobile internet usage is increasing at phenomenal rate.

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VC to Founder: Change in Mindset

Some VCs, after giving advice and funding to startups, decide themselves to become founders of their own startups and find its not all that easy. Actually executing and delivering the job is totally different from being a VC looking at strategy.

As a VC investor, you connect entrepreneurs with potential hires but as your own entrepreneur you need to make sure you get the right talent. VC-turned-entrepreneurs tend to be more cautious with cash. Being a VC doesn't guarantee a success when you switch to being an entrepreneur. Success as an entrepreneur is a combination of market, timing and funding. While an entrepreneur has to deal with customers on a daily basis, VCs get their reports from investees at set intervals.
But the advantages of having been on the other side of the table as investor are there — long-term vision, fiscal prudence, experience of having guided other startups through their mistakes, and obviously, access to the funding network through your contacts. VC experi…

Team Up

Facebook faces pressure from smaller rivals such as Nextdoor and Meetup, whose online networks bring together neighbours and people in the same area with shared interests. As a result, Facebook has changed its mission statement to show support for hobby clubs and other community groups.
Zuckerberg states that FB's mission is to "give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together." Previously it was "to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected." 
Google, Nextdoor and Meetup host community groups. Apps like ShareYaar also support groups or 'teams' to arrange meetings and events as part of their enterprise solutions.

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P2P Mentoring for Startup Founders

Entrepreneurs seem to be turning to their peers for advice and mentoring. Founders of startups are turning to other startup founders for mentorship. Peer-­to-­peer (P2P) mentoring is a sort of maturing of the startup ecosystem in India.

Founders connect with each other not on common strengths but for mentoring on common weaknesses. They share synergies and bounce ideas off each other. Areas like hiring, ESOPS, legal issues, office space, customer acquisition are subjects of discussion.
Turning to seniors for advice is necessary but so is turning to your peers. This is where co-working spaces aid entrepreneurs in that they come into contact with their peers.Also alumni associations provide a valuable platform to interact with your peers.

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Co-operation in Fintech Regulation

Competitiveness among Asia's major financial centres, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, is undermining fintech development. Regulatory complexity in the region is creating uncertainty for investors. Whilst governments in Asia have launched a number of initiatives to lure fintech investors, major investors are calling for more government co-operation in fintech regulation in Asia.
Investors put about $19 billion worldwide into fintech, including P2P lenders, blockchain (distributed ledger technology) and crowdfunding platforms, in 2016. E.g. cryptocurrency exchanges have different regulations in various Asian countries which makes fintech licenses and development difficult.
Monetary Authority of Singapore has signed fintech cooperation agreements with 10 others, including in Australia, India, Japan and South Korea.

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